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Beware The Ipod DJ


Let us bring our nearly 20 years of DJ experience to your next event! 

Don't wind up with a very expensive, very boring, HUMAN IPOD! Your BeatWave Productions DJ will be more than just a Spotify playlist!

Here's what you'll get with an expert BWP  DJ

Unlimited consultations to ensure that your DJ knows your exact expectation

A personal client portal on our website to make song requests and build your wedding timeline of events.

Master of Ceremony to make announcements and entertain your guest

A coordinator to manage your timeline to ensure that all scheduled activities happen on time

A state-of-the art sound system with an expansive database of music to suit all musical taste

A complimentary dance-floor lighting package

Optional wall uplighting to create ideal room ambience to match your color scheme

Optional LED lit DJ Booth that can both match your color scheme and pulse with the music during the dance portion

" Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. " ~ Warren Buffet

Don't make the same mistake as so many others by putting low priority on you DJ! You are already spending a lot of money to make your event one to remember, but when it comes to your DJ, what are you really getting for your money? So many DJs stand around playing one song after another (take note of the dead air between songs) not bringing any energy to the party...

WAIT!!! "How much did we spend on this DJ?" Too much? Or maybe not enough!

Just the same as you can spend too much for a DJ, you can also spend not enough. When you spend too much, you run the risk of your DJ being an expensive HUMAN IPOD! However, when you spend too little, you run the risk of your DJ being an actual IPOD! 

WARNINGDon't pay for something you can do yourself! No matter what it cost...Don't do it!

Look, DJs come at different experience levels and we all have to start somewhere, but your big event shouldn't be your DJs first day on the job! You get what you pay for! But sometimes you get more ;-) (winkie face)

OH NO NOT YOU! You want a DJ that will:

Seamlessly blend one song into the next without any dead air or awkward rhythm transitions

Knows when to slow things down or take the party to the next level

Have the ability to read your crowd and know the right song to play next

Have experience with weddings, nightclubs, broadcast and more!

Simply put, you want the Goldilocks of DJ providers! The best quality for a price that is "Just Right!" Contact us today and let us build a package that is "Just Right" for you!

Not unless you're looking for boring... We'll let you borrow our IPOD!

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